Rooting a smartphone can best be described as unlocking its innate software capabilities, which aren’t available to the user on default, due to the restrictions created by the OEM. These restrictions help the OEM discourage enthusiasts from messing with the core software features of their smartphone. The fact that you are reading this article shows that you are determined to break the restrictions on your Galaxy A51 smartphone. It is, for this reason, we explore a comprehensive tutorial on how to root Samsung Galaxy A51.

While there are many root apps such as already shared by 3rd Planet Techies and other tech sites, getting root access on your Samsung Galaxy A51 device requires you to follow certain steps in the right order. The chief of these steps is making sure you get the requirements right, as they are very imperative to the root process. Below is a list of the requirements:


Make Sure your backup the data on your Samsung Galaxy A51 device
An unlocked bootloader (Tutorial will be provided in this article)
Make sure your device is fully charged, to avoid termination due to low battery
How to root Samsung Galaxy A51
How To Unlock The Samsung Galaxy A51 Bootloader
1. Enabling developer Option: Navigate through settings > about. Continuously tap on bootloader until you get the notified that developers option has been enabled.

  1. Launch the developer’s option. Scroll till you find OEM Unlocking and then proceed to toggle the option to enable OEM unlocking.

  2. Still, in the developer’s option, search for USB debugging and proceed to enable it.

  3. Power off your Samsung Galaxy A51 device. Hold volume up and volume down button and then proceed to connect your device to your computer using a USB cable while still both buttons. Finally, release the buttons when the warning notice appears.

  4. Now long-press the volume up button to enter device unlock mode.

  5. Press the volume up again to confirm if you want to unlock your bootloader. (Make sure you already made a backup before performing this instruction.

  6. Wait for your smartphone to reboot

  7. Now connect your smartphone to the internet. Make sure you do this before your smartphone goes off, to avoid triggers KG state / RMM State Prenormal.

Now that you have successfully unlocked the bootloader on your Samsung Galaxy A51 device, you can proceed to use any of the recommended methods to root the Samsung Galaxy A51.

How to root Samsung Galaxy A51 Using Magisk
The Magisk method has proven to be very effective in rooting Samsung devices. Using Magisk to root Samsung devices is far from being a hit or miss. Its sure method enthusiasts can employ to get their Samsung device rooted.

The process of rooting the Samsung Galaxy A51 using Magisk is broken into two major steps. You are required to first create a patched boot image from the original firmware using the Magisk app, after which you are to proceed to flash the patched boot image on your device to acquire root access.

Creating the Patched Boot Image using the Magisk App

  1. Download and extract the Samsung Galaxy A51 firmware on your computer

  2. Look for Copy (AP_A515.tar.md5) file and copy it to your phone

  3. Download, install and launch the Magisk App on your Samsung Galaxy A51 device

Magisk Update
4. Click on install twice and then proceed to select and patch a file.

  1. Follow the prompts and navigate to where you stored the AP_A515.tar.md5 that you copied

  2. wait for the file to get patched and then proceed to copy the magisk_patched.tar to your computer.

Flashing The Boot Image Using Odin Tool
1. Download and install Odin Flash Tool on your computer

  1. From developers option, enable USB debugging on your device

  2. Power off your Samsung Galaxy A51 device. Hold volume up and volume down button and then proceed to connect your device to your computer using a USB cable while still both buttons. Finally, release the buttons after it has booted into download mode.

  3. Launch the Odin Tool installed on your computer and then proceed to check if you get the Added! notice to affirm if your smartphone has been linked to your computer.

Odin Flash Tool
6. Click on the AP /PDA button

  1. Browse for the patched Magisk file you copied to your PC

  2. Click on start and wait for the Odin to finish flashing the patched boot image

Odin Flash Tool
9. Now press Volume Down + Power button on your smartphone to exit Download mode

  1. Press volume up + power button as soon as the Samsung logo appears

  2. Wipe data and reboot your Samsung Galaxy A51 device

Wrapping Up:
The steps to rooting the Samsung Galaxy A51 are as easy as you have read. All you need to do is – follow the steps in the right order and you are good to go. However, if you have any questions as regards this tutorial, feel free to drop them in the comment section below or check out 3ptechies for more root APKs.

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